Come and Worship

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today’s devotionals from Tozer and Chambers together bring a crisp message that true worship can and will produce feelings, but those feelings should only be found by abiding in Christ.  If our worship is the results of our self efforts, then the feelings are not going to be God breathed by His Spirit of grace. When we “come unto Christ” as sinners, acknowledging our own self-life’s spiritual bankruptcy and helplessness, and asking Christ to make us only conscious of Him, then and only then will we discover the divine feelings of rest and peace gently basking in His joy.


Come unto Me.” Matthew 11:28

God means us to live a fully-orbed life in Christ Jesus, but there are times when that life is attacked from the outside, and we tumble into a way of introspection which we thought had gone. Self-consciousness is the first thing that will upset the completeness of the life in God, and self-consciousness continually produces wrestling. Self-consciousness is not sin; it may be produced by a nervous temperament or by a sudden dumping down into new circumstances. It is never God’s will that we should be anything less than absolutely complete in Him. Anything that disturbs rest in Him must be cured at once, and it is not cured by being ignored, but by coming to Jesus Christ. If we come to Him and ask Him to produce Christ-consciousness, He will always do it until we learn to abide in Him.

Never allow the dividing up of your life in Christ to remain without facing it. Beware of leakage, of the dividing up of your life by the influence of friends or of circumstances; beware of anything that is going to split up your oneness with Him and make you see yourself separately. Nothing is so important as to keep right spiritually. The great solution is the simple one – “Come unto Me.” The depth of our reality, intellectually, morally and spiritually, is tested by these words. In every degree in which we are not real, we will dispute rather than come.


I do know something of the emotional life that goes along with conversion to Jesus Christ. I came into the kingdom of God with joy, knowing that I had been forgiven. I have had people tell me very dogmatically that they will never allow “feeling” to have any part in their spiritual life and experience. “Too bad for you!” is my reply. I say that because I have voiced a very real definition of what I believe true worship to be: “Worship is to feel in the heart!” In the Christian faith, we should be able to use the word “feel” boldly and without apology. What worse thing could be said of us as the Christian church if it can be said of us that we are a feelingless people? I think we must agree that those of us who have been blest within our own beings would not join in any crusade to “follow your feelings.” But if there is no feeling at all in our hearts, then we are dead!

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